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(Updated 12-19-14)

--The last time I updated this was almost 9 years to the day. I have been editing it all day trying to get all the malware off of it that someone hacked in and planted for who knows why. I think I got it all FINALLY! If it shows up again I'm gonna be so pissed. Maybe now I can put some new pics up. Maybe.

--Those 9 years ago I bought the house I'm living in. I'm stuck here. Forever. I'm very poor. Donations welcome!

--Don't forget to visit the 'How do You Do That' link found in the 'photos' section. It gives the secrets behind my pictures. No, I don't use Photoshop. Stop asking.

--My story may be read here. It still needs editing though. No Choice

--I'm sorry there have been no updates lately. May inspiration strike me soon! (Or lightning, whichever...)

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